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Initial Evaluation

This is considered our initial meeting with you, to brainstorm and review website design, functionality, budget and timing objectives. We prefer face-to-face, but we can also accomplish the same tasks through email, web conferencing and telephone.

Design and Build

Our website designers begin coding individual pages, functionality is programmed, and site copy content is written and added, completing the design phase.

Activation and Marketing

Your website is activated and reviewed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then submitted to the major search engines. We are dedicated to your website's success now and in the long term and look forward to a lasting partnership. Our team is never more than a phone call or email away.

Welcome to South Jersey Web Creations

We are an affordable web design and web hosting company based in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. We specialize in leveling the field for small to mid size businesses, so you can compete in the major leagues. We will provide you with a professional website, and host your website for less then $1.00/day. We provide great rates on web design and development, web site maintenance, and also specialize in small business graphic design services. Each site is custom-designed, with a logical step by step process making it easy and affordable.

First impressions can have a lasting impact on your business; especially if you aren't there to personally speak to your potential customers or clients. The odds are that one of the first interactions your customers will have with your business is through your website. Design & functionality are key components to your website, as well as where your website is hosted. Your hosting company will be responsible for providing a smooth & seamless experience for your website's visitors. If your hosting company experiences an outage, your website will not be able to be accessed. It is imperative to host on a reliable server, with back-up capabilities.

Contact us today and we will provide you with a free quote for your web design, web hosting, and small business graphic design needs.

Key Features

Design & Functionality

There are various ways to design a layout, but they all should display the major components. Do some research to find what you like and don't like.
Your navigation placement could be dependent on your sub-levels and/or how much information you have to display. We believe in the 3-click motto. Your user should be able to get to any page within 3 clicks. Functionality and ease of navigation is key to your potential and current clients. Once your site is up, have some people test it out and give you feedback. You want to be sure that the "not so web savvy" can navigate your site easily and be able to make a purchase without becoming frustrated. You don't want potential clients to leave you site because they can't easily find what they are looking for. Especially if you are selling products, navigation and ease of purchasing is critical.


Content is all the written and visual material on your website. Obviously this is important as it will convey the nature of the products you are selling and what they look like. Think of the words as your virtual sales person. Write the content as you would need someone to explain the product to you to get you to buy it. Keep it simple but be sure to cover all the bases. Ensure pictures are placed where they add value. Space and align pleasing to the eye.

Sales & Marketing

Obviously this is the most important part of your site. No matter how pretty or cool your website looks, selling is your ultimate goal. Your text should be clear and precise. If you are selling a product, be precise with your description. Professional pictures should be included. If you are promoting your services, use a 'friendly' tone as it is more inviting.